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I'm not really DANIEL
Hi everyone,  I am not really DANIEL - I'm actually Ronelle pretending to be my husband (shhhhhhh! - don't tell him he's now registered on a site having to do with his worst nightmare - Charles Lindbergh! He's heard enough about CAL for the past 23 years and if he knew I registered him on a Bulletin Board about the Lindbergh Kidnapping he'd probably divorce me!)

Well, anyway, I am going crazy for many days trying to figure out what it's like to use this new Forum as a Registered Member instead of the one and only Administrator.  It's all new for me and very different compared to my old Board which was so easy for everyone. Most importantly, it never required registration.

Unfortunately, registration is the only way to post here.

 So sorry about that. But, the good news is :

NO advertisements 
NO phishing links to accidentally click
NO offensive spam  
NO sudden removal - this board is now part of the Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax website and cannot be removed by outside agencies

Thanks for your patience - it's been almost 9 months since the old Forum went down.

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