The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax


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   New! 3/30/04 The State of NJ v. Bruno Richard  Hauptmann: FAIRNESS ON TRIAL 

 by  Judge W Dennis Duggan, JFC 

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Important News!  8/20/03  Forensic Evidence Removed By American Lindbergh Family 

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1    Anna Hauptmann worked at Fredreickson’s Bakery who worked at Anna’s Bakery on 183rd Street?

2    What did the “Dentist” buy at Raabe Pharmacy at 3981 White Plains Road?

3    Lindbergh departed for France from Roosevelt Field.  

        He was supposed to depart from Curtis field.  Curtis Air purchased a field for an airport in the Bronx. 

What  two developments were actually built?


4    3/11/1932  Condon receives his first telephone call from the “kidnappers.”   

         Condon asks “Where are  you calling from?”  

What was the location that the kidnapper told Condon they were calling from?


5    What “medical” opinion did Mrs. Ella Achenbach who lived at 1253 E.222nd St.  give?


6    Who lived with Mr. & Mrs. Hans Mueller at 2701 Marion Ave. ?

7    The night of the “payoff”, where did Al Reich and John Condon dine? 

         What did they eat?

8    What did Anna Schoeffler, Louisa Schussler, Pauline Rauch and Karl Pellmeier have in common?

9    Myra Hacker, Mary Brown and Agnes Sweeney had what occupation?  

            Match their husbands.

10    What was planned at Hans Heinzman’s Bavarian Beer Garden? (Hint – 223rd St. & Needham Ave.)


11    On 3/19/1932, who did John Condon meet at 394 East 200 Street?


Bonus – On 3/1/1932 8pm, August Van Henke, “claims” he met Hauptmann 

at a gas station on Dyre Ave and Boston Road.  

He stopped to speak to Hauptmann because he recognized ??? from his 1463 Vyse Ave Apt. 






 Answers  to  Quiz 

Bonus -  Van Henke was searching for his lost dog “ REX”.  Hauptmann had the Fredreickson’s Dog.

11  - At a bazaar to raise money for the Hart Island Chapel, the “mystery" woman from Tuckahoe NY”

10 - On 9/19/1934 the Police plan the arrest and surveillance of Bruno Hauptmann.

9   - Teachers -  Myra ( Condon’s daughter, married to Ralph) Mary-John Condon, Agnes-Al Reich.

8   - They all lived at 1279 E. 222nd St. ( Anna’s maiden name & Bruno’s alias when deported)

7   -  Preston E. Parry’s Restaurant,  487 City Island Ave.  (An oyster fry)

6   -  Anna Hauptmann  and Manfred Hauptmann ( son) from the arrest to the trial lived with her cousin.

5   -  She testified, 2 days after the kidnapping she observed Bruno walking with a limp, which he

          received from a “fall”  (Anna Hauptmann took her daughter to Europe)

4         -  Westchester Square

3    -   Freedomland and Co-op City

2    -   Max Schaffer stated Bruno Hauptmann claimed he was a Dentist when he purchased a bottle of Ether.

1    -   Bruno Hauptmann did interior carpentry work there.   


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