The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax 

 Anne Lindbergh's  Easter Sunday Flight   

 California  to NY  in 14 hours   7 months pregnant 

  April 20, 1930  - (Hitler's Birthday) 

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    Forensic Evidence Removed By American Lindbergh Family 

 Meet the German Lindbergh Family too! 

Did this flight, at heights of more than 10,000 feet, harm the fetus carried by Anne Lindbergh? Although none of these articles mention it, Anne was exactly seven months pregnant at the time of this flight. She was also pregnant when her husband pushed her off the tops of California mountains to teach her how to glide! They were living in California while awaiting the "birth" of their new plane Sirius. 

But, this 14- hour flight in which Lindbergh was attempting to set a new transcontinental speed record (he was outpaced by Doolittle 2 weeks later) shows what a selfish and uncaring husband he really was. His pregnant wife was sick during the arduous flight.

After finally landing at Roosevelt Field Lindbergh abruptly  sent all the journalists away because Anne could not get out of the airplane due to illness. She needed aid getting out of the Sirius and was sent  to the hospital.

After the birth of her baby on June 22, 1930 photographs and information were stonewalled by Charles. The child did not even have a registered name for many weeks. 

The few photos that actually exist of the child appear to have been altered. They were supplied to newsmen by the father who took all the photos himself. 

Was the Lindbergh's firstborn son physically or mentally harmed by hypoxia - lack of oxygen to the brain from his fetal Easter Sunday flight?


articles  from the Helena Independent Daily


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