AN EXECUTION IN THE FAMILY: One Son's Journey by Robert Meeropol is  now in paperback!     


Victor Navasky of The Nation Magazine, calls AN EXECUTION IN THE FAMILY, "A moving, eloquent and surprising story by one who was born into a tragic situation and has emerged as a creative and constructive citizen."


Author Marge Piercy asserts, "Meeropol's honest and gripping story has never been more relevant than in the present erosion of civil liberties and mistrust of dissent."


And filmmaker Michael Moore says the memoir is, "Inspirational... moving... engaging... should be required reading."



In 1953, when Robert Meeropol was six years old, the United States Government executed his parents for "conspiring to steal the secret of the atomic bomb."  Ethel & Julius Rosenberg left behind a legacy that was both a burden and a gift to their younger son.  AN EXECUTION IN THE FAMILY:  One Son's Journey chronicles Meeropol's journey from childhood victim of McCarthy-era repression; to 1960's militant activist; to politically engaged parent and law student; to founder and Director of the Rosenberg Fund for Children ( from 1990 to the present.



"Presented with exceptional moral clarity, AN EXECUTION IN THE FAMILY tells of a life formed from disaster that has come to not necessarily serene, but nevertheless triumphant, resolution."

-- E.L. Doctorow




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