Excerpts  from  1998 - 1999

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In 1999 the LKH website was connected to a peripheral online, free, no sign up required, Public Forum. 

It was called The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax Public Forum. Available for public comments, debates (and a whole lot of  other subjects) it suddenly disappeared after being dismantled by its creators. 

It had been attached to the LKH website for more than 16 years.

Lindbergh Case followers were dismayed, especially because the newer forums are more difficult to navigate compared with the simplified format of that wonderful old message board. Nothing was saved except for what posters printed out themselves. 

A lost collection of 800 pages have now been found, stuffed into a box at the back of a closet.  Slowly, they will be uploaded here, without editing,  in PDF files - about 20 - 40 pages at a time. Titles of  the leading post are listed but many topics are discussed within each batch that have nothing to do with the leading title page.

Thanks for your patience - it may take a few more weeks to finish. 

LKH Forum 1 - Nov 22, 1998  I Believe Ahlgren and Monier

LKH Forum 2 - Jan 22, 1999   Reeve's Doubts

LKH Forum 3 - January 1999    Lindbergh Kidnapping

LKH Forum 4 - Feb 1999    Jon Benet Ramsey

LKH Forum 5  - Feb 15, 1999   Timing

LKH Forum 6 - Feb 24, 1999  Lindbergh Did It

LKH Forum 7 - March 17, 1999   Still Involved

LKH Forum 8 - March 20, 1999  Controversy

LKH Forum 9 - March 1999 - Re re re re

LKH Forum 10 - April 16, 1999  Someone Had to Know

LKH Forum 11 - April 28, 1999  KGB Standards?

LKH Forum 12 - April 19, 1999  The Kidnapping of Irving Bitz

LKH Forum 13 - MJR continued


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