The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax

The Mersman  Furniture Company

Celine, Ohio

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11/10/02  WKMG Investigates     3/1/03  WKMG  New Evidence    

  4/1/03 More  WKMG

   New! The State of NJ v. Bruno Richard  Hauptmann: FAIRNESS ON TRIAL 

 by  Judge W Dennis Duggan, JFC 

  reprinted from The Albany County Bar Association Newsletter  01/04  

     7/20/03   Lindbergh Archivist  Discovers  NEW EVIDENCE 

    Freedom of Information Act - 1368 pages of Lindbergh Files

     Important News!  8/20/03  Forensic Evidence Removed By American Lindbergh Family 

   Mersman History Website


Lots More Coming Soon!