Crime of the Century: The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax

 by Stephen Monier and Gregory Ahlgren 

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The White House has let Senator Robert
Smith’s (R.N.H.) office know that former Goffstown Police Chief Steve
will be its nominee for U.S. marshal.

It’s been known for months that Monier was the front-runner for the
post, but word came down from Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday. The formal
nomination will occur after a routine FBI background check.

Then, Monier will face confirmation hearings before the Senate
Judiciary Committee and, eventually, a vote, which is generally

The U.S. marshal is the chief federal law enforcement official with
jurisdiction over such matters as fugitive investigations, transporting
federal prisoners, arresting bond default violators and federal court
security. Since September 11 the position has taken on new significance
with the government considering reviving its sky marshall program of the
1970s. But it’s also a highly political appointment.

Monier has spent nearly three decades in law enforcement and is now
the director of emergency services for the Red Cross. As director of
emergency services he developed contingency plans, prior to September
11, for civil defense responses to major bio-terrorist attacks in

In the last Presidential campaign Monier served as an advisor to
then Governor Bush on law enforcement matters and was director of the
Bush campaign's efforts to garner support among the law enforcement
community. Monier is a past president of the New Hampshire Police
Chief's Association and a director of the National Law Enforcement
Accredidation Commission.

In 1993, he and Manchester, NH lawyer Gregory Ahlgren co-authored a

book alleging that American hero Charles Lindbergh killed his baby
nearly 70 years ago and then manufactured the “crime of the century”
kidnapping story as a cover-up.

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