The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax 

 Charlie's 14 drops of VIOSTEROL  


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 Was there something  "wrong" with Charles Lindbergh, Jr.? 

  Forensic Evidence of Charlie's Corpse Was Removed By Lindbergh Family 

  Pediatrician Dr. Van Ingen's  letter  to Charlie's grandmother, Elizabeth Morrow, a week before his corpse was discovered by truck  driver  William  Allen.    


 On March 3, 1932, a list of Charlie's diet appeared on the front page of every newspaper, supposedly, at the request of Anne Morrow Lindbergh though it is uncertain whose idea it really was to advertise the child's diet: 

A half cup of orange juice on waking.
One quart of milk during the day.
Three tablespoons of cooked cereal morning and night.
Two tablespoons of cooked vegetables once a day.
The yolk of one egg daily.
One baked potato or rice once a day.
Two tablespoons of stewed fruit daily.
A half cup of prune juice after the afternoon nap.
Fourteen drops of
viosterol, a vitamin preparation, during the day.


  Viosterol Leaflet: (not shown in photo) 


Periodic examination of your growing child by your physician is not only of immediate 

benefit but preserves physical fitness by preventing the development of diseases 

which damage progressively with the passing years.

In the end, it also saves money.


Your baby's feeding problems are different from those of other babies,

and in fact vary at different times.

Your physician is the only qualified adviser in these matters

which vitally affect your baby's health and future.




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