The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax 

 Anna Schoeffler Hauptmann 

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Anna Schoeffler married Richard Hauptmann in 1925, two years before The Lone Eagle's historic flight and seven years before the disappearance of the aviator's son. She was introduced to him by a friend, Lena Aldinger.

Police quickly agreed that Anna had nothing to do with the crime. But, the police believed she was naive in accepting her husband's story. 

Anna's testimony completely backed up her husband's story .

When told that March 1 was a Tuesday, she said Richard had been with her at Fredericksen's  Bakery, (owned by Katie and Christian Fredericksen)  where she worked every Tuesday evening. 

She always  worked late on Tuesdays and Richard (no one ever called him Bruno) usually met her there to take her home.

On April 2, the evening of the ransom drop-off in the Bronx cemetery, she had been with Richard and Hans Kloeppenburg for their "musical evening."


On November 26, 1933, the day a ticket taker, Cecile Barr, claimed that Hauptmann had purchased a ticket from her

 in a Greenwhich Village, Loewe's movie house 

with a ransom bill , Anna said it was her husband's birthday and that she always threw a little birthday party for him. 

How could he have been in a Greenwhich Village movie house if he was attending his own birthday party?

Anna strongly believed in her husband's innocence until her death in October of 1994.

She and her attorney, Robert Bryan of San Francisco, made numerous appeals to reopen her husband's case.

 Finally in defeat, she was advised by New Jersey Gov. James Florio  that history  would have to judge whether Richard had been framed by the NJ Police in 1935. 

Although she had been unable to help her husband escape the death penalty, she devoted the rest of her life claiming his innocence. In an interview in 1981, she said,   

"...Some of them - they know they were lying. They knew they were lying."

 She died on October 10, 1994......waiting  for  "history"!


Obituary of Anna Hauptmann 

PHILADELPHIA -  Anna Hauptmann, the widow of the man executed for the kidnaping and murder of aviator Charles Lindbergh's infant son, has died.

     Her death Oct. 10 in New Holland, Pa., was reported this week by the

Lancaster New Era newspaper, a nearby neighborhood publication.

     She insisted for more than 60 years that Bruno Richard Hauptmann was

innocent.  She had spent much of her life trying in vain to clear her husband of what was called the Crime of the Century: the 1932 killing of the 20-month-old namesake of Lindbergh.

     Hauptmann, a German immigrant carpenter, was accused of kidnapping the Lindbergh boy from his nursery in Hopewell, N.J. He denied it, and his wife insisted that he was with her the night the child was taken.      Hauptmann was convicted in 1935 and executed in 1936.

     "God knows that my husband was innocent," 

she said in 1986 in one of her final interviews.

          1994/ The Times Mirror Company

Anna Hauptmann Quote 
 submitted by Michael Melsky on the LKH Forum 

From "Proclaimed His Innocence" by Robert Bryan:                

Mrs. Anna Hauptmann, the 94 year-old widow of Richard Hauptmann, said to me this afternoon:

"My Richard was not involved in what happened to that poor little Lindbergh child in New Jersey. Richard and I were together that night in New York. We did not know about the kidnapping until the next day. People must not forget that my Richard was innocent. They know in New Jersey that he was innocent.

I just re-read again Richard's last letter to me written just before he died. He begged for the truth. And they did such terrible things to him in that prison. I know he is with God. All these 57 years has not been living. I pray to God. The most important thing is that God knows the truth. I beg Gov. Jim Florio to do the right thing, and clear Richard's name. I want to die knowing that the truth was finally recognized."