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 The Execution of  Richard Hauptmann 

 MEDIA  COVERAGE    1934 - 1936 

The American Bar Association Report was never allowed to be published.

It is a scathing attack on the Media Circus that surrounded Hauptmann's trial


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 by  Judge W Dennis Duggan, JFC 

  reprinted from The Albany County Bar Association Newsletter 

    Freedom of Information Act - 1368 pages of Lindbergh Files

   "What Was Wrong With the Lindbergh Case?"  by Gov Hoffman


    Forensic Evidence Removed By American Lindbergh Family 

[ACLU Execution Watch 

After  discovery of the corpse on May 12, 1932

The New York Daily News enraged the public with stories like this:


"The kidnapped Lindbergh baby has been found - slain.  The damnable fiends, the inhuman monsters, who kidnapped the baby and presumably were responsible for the bilking of Colonel Lindbergh out of $50,000 are still at large.  Until the killers are tracked down and brought to justice, the children of America will not be safe.  And the rest of the world will be able to point to this country and say: "That is the country where criminals can persecute decent citizens in absolute defiance of the law.  

Does the Federal Government wish to preserve its integrity and its dignity, and so preserve the power of all other governmental agencies in this country? If it does, it will put its best men on the trail of these fiends, and keep them on the trail until the fiends are captured and convicted of first degree murder. The American people, shocked and grieved, will, we believe, demand such action by the Government in a voice that cannot be ignored."

Katherine Beebe Harris,  1930s Journalist -  Interview  Part 1

Harris Interview Part 2   Washington Press Club

Bronx Home News 

May 16, 1932
submitted by Philip Migliore

Emerging from a maze of false clue, contradictory stories and doubtful speculations, NJ State Police today were reported in full cry after a gang of five men and a woman who are believed to have been responsible for the kidnapping on March 01 and subsequent murder of the infant son of Col Charles A Lindbergh
The information upon which the state police are pressing their hunt for the kidnapers and murderers was furnished by Fr John Condon , veteran Bronx educator and Morris Rosner, stock promoter and former Federal investigation.
Within the next few days, it was intimated at least one member of the hang and possibly more will be in the hands of the law, their identities, it was said, are know not only to the police but to a number of underworld characters who are prepared to mete out their own kind of punishment if the police fail to capture the abductors.
only three of the band were involved in the actual abduction police believe, one of the members of the gang it is understood is a German and he is supposed to have written the ransom notes which bore the characteristics which indicated that a person of German lineage had written them
Another member of the gang is believed to be an Italian and a third is a Brazilian. These woman is an American, police believe and the two other men are natives of this country.
Had it not been that police were fearful of jeopardizing the life of the child three and the woman would have been arrested tome time ago, it was revealed yesterday. unaware, of course that the child was already dead, the investigators held off in the hope that a ransom deal might be completed

As police reconstruction the crime, the three working members of the gang traveled to the isolated neighborhood of the Lindbergh home in an automobile carrying Y license l plates The woman remained on guard in the car, the German and one of the other men crept to the Lindbergh home, entered the nursery by a ladder and returned with the child
They had not counted however on the lustiness with the infant could cry out They had failed to have brought  with them any tape to close the child's lips and as they drove away they tried frantically to keep the baby quiet

For some reason police believe the gang remained in the general neighborhood of the Lindbergh home for some time after the kidnaping They may been able to view from some vantage point the frantic police activity through the countryside which followed co Lindbergh's announcement of the kidnaping in defiance of the warning convey and by the kidnapers in their ransom note.
Presently, according to police, the kidnapers became panicky when at the extent of and intensity of the police hunt they had set in motion They decided to get rid of the evidence They murdered the child.

When they were finally satisfied that little danger existed of the police hunt reaching them the kidnapers became more confident The child was dead but they might still go through with the  ransom transaction They fully realized that Col Lindbergh was in to desperate a position to make exacting provisions in his negotiations Their conclusions were correct, for the sum of 50 000$ was paid to a member of the gang in St Raymond's ce3metery on the night of April 02, by Dr Condon, acting as Col Lindbergh accredited representative The information supplied to Col Schwarzkopf commanding the NJ State Police by Condon and Rosner was said to point to the fact that both men had dealing with the same gang.

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