The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax   

  What Was Wrong With the Lindbergh Case ?  

 by   N.J. (Rep) Gov  Harold G Hoffman  1896-1954 

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  What Was Wrong With the Lindbergh Case?  

  Liberty Magazine    1936 [ACLU Execution Watch 

Thanks  to  Mark Falzini - NJ  State Police Archives -  for these vintage articles.

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 CHAPTER  ONE     Introduction

  CHAPTER  TWO   Governor Hoffman visits Richard Hauptmann in jail   

  CHAPTER   THREE     BRH speaks to Hoffman about Fisch & Koehler  

  CHAPTER   FOUR     Evalyn Walsh McLean,  Anna H,  Wilentz and more  

     CHAPTER   FIVE     Dr. Hudson, fingerprint evidence, Whited and more    

    CHAPTER   SIX     Sam Leibowitz, Wendel, Ellis Parker  and more


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Webpage about Gov. Harold Hoffman

  Freedom of Information Act - 1368 pages of Lindbergh Files

  Forensic Evidence Removed By American Lindbergh Family 

   Anthony Scaduto  Debunks NJ in NY Magazine Article (pdf)


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