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According to an article by Peter Kihss in the NY Times on March 28, 1977 the following "long suppressed 5,000-word letter" from Richard Hauptmann to his mother was finally made public after having been secretly hidden by the prison warden under whose charge Hauptmann was electrocuted in 1936.

(Thanks to Steve Romeo &Frank Pizzichillo - verdict defenders - for submitting this disturbing NY Times article to the LKH Public Forum ) 

Bruno Richard Hauptmann's mother was a resident of Kamenz, Germany. 

(see photo below for the Kamenz home in 2000)

Tragically, she never knew of her son's poignant letter. Trenton State Prison Warden, Col. Mark O. Kimberling never allowed it to be sent, according to the Times, because he feared an  "unfavorable reaction" from Germany!

"I am of the opinion that it might receive some press comment over in Germany, which might result in some unfavorable reaction, or, at least in placing us in an embarrassing position for having released it from state prison." -  Warden Kimberling, in a note to NJ Governor Harold G Hoffman 

The following translation  (from German into English) was made by Kimberling's  prison staff, according to the Times, and Kimberling, who actually believed in Hauptmann's innocence,  kept this in HIS personal files until he died in 1964.  His wife kept it until she died. 

 Hauptmann's Letter To His Mother  (14 pages PDF) 

 David Wilentz  was still alive when this letter was made public. He was interviewed by New York Times journalist Peter Kihss in March, 1977.  Here is part of what he had to say 41 years after his deceitful prosecution -

"Fisch died in poverty, a victim of tuberculosis. He was dead. He was an easy target. There's no proof that Fisch ever had the money or ever spent a nickel. My recollection is that the Fisch family or some of them came from Germany to show he didn't have a quarter.

Once you believe Hauptmann didn't write the notes which the experts say he did and no expert says he didn't: once you believe he had the money, of which there was no denial - if you disbelieve Lindbergh, disbelieve the handwriting experts, the Government expert on wood -  if you believe District Attorney Foley suppressed evidence, and I suppressed evidence - then of course, you have a different story."

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