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  Mickey (Morris) Rosner 

 The First " Intermediary"  in the Lindbergh Case [ACLU Execution Watch 

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Rosner's Statements to Police March 3, 1932 

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Westbrook Pegler on Mickey Rosner  Oct 30, 1947

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Excerpts about Rosner from May Conference Notes- NJ Police

Mr. Nathan: At that time had Rosner entered the case.

A. It was about this time.

Col. Schwarzkopf: The baby was kidnapped on a Tuesday night. On Wednesday Ruth Pratt, Congresswoman got in touch with Colonel Bill Donovan and said you must put Morris Rosner on that case, she recommended it to Bill Donovan and Bill Donovan then recommended the introduction of Mr. Rosner and Rosner was brought down by Mr. Thayer. Rosner was vouched for by two United States Senators and was supposed to have done some under cover work for the Department of Justice for two years and was supposed to have been a very reputable man, he never double crossed either the under world or the over world as it were and a man that could be depended upon. He was to be the contact man. Subsequently it was decided in private conferences by the family in which the police was not included. We did not know him except that Colonel Lindbergh told us Rosner was all right, we looked at him and thought maybe he was a gangster, we were told no that he was vouched for. He was always in the inner circle of the family, knew the early developments of the case and saw the first and second and third letters; at one time taking either the first or second letter to New York with one or two Troopers in an automobile, this is a long time ago I may be vague on some details, Rosner had a copy of the note and he delivered that to Colonel Breckenridge who showed it to Owney Madden, Spitale and Bitz, all before the Conodon letter. It was on this occasion Madden advised Breckenridge not to show any more notes to anyone including himself.

 Rosner, Controversial Police Chief of Long Beach, Long Island Nov 30, 1934

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